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VanDoesburg - The Constructivist Font #3

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The Constructivist Font #3, is named in the honor of Theo Van Doesburg (Christian Emil Marie Küpper), one of the founders and leading theorists of De Stijl, which began in the Netherlands and flourished into one of the major inter-war movements. It advocated a simplified, geometric, and reductive aesthetic in the visual arts and argued that painting, design, and architecture should be fully integrated. Van Doesburg created numerous abstract paintings and designed buildings, room decorations, stained glass, furniture, and household items that exemplified De Stijl's aesthetic theories and his personal ideas. He wrote numerous essays and treatises on geometric abstraction and De Stijl, published journals, and organized many exhibitions of works by De Stijl artists and related movements. 

Why an De Stijl artist is included in The Constructivist? Because both movements are a part of the post-WW1 avantgarde, and because both movements although, taking different routes of what they want to express and portray, they end up using similar materials to create the effect. Both use geometric shapes and lines consistently and rely on abstraction to make their point. And Van Doesburg also has a lot of great pure constructivist artworks.
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