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True Halftone PSD Template | 60 seconds Design - Just Drop Your Image

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Drop your image in this PSD (6 Artboards) and get a True Halftone (Simple Round, Wave, Engraved, Stipple, Mosaic x2) effect. 

Create unique designs in 60 seconds.

1 PSD - 6 Artboards with Smart Objects 

You can control:

  • Particle size and line thickness
  • Contrast and intensity
  • Particle Shape distorsion
  • etc.

You can rapidly export your image by Exporting as PNG (getting a perfect image with no bg to use in your designs) or add your text and continue designing in the artboard. 

  • A lot of Gradient Maps
  • Mosaic Patterns
  • Grungy textures
  • 50 Paper JPG Backgrounds
  • 15 PNG Dust and Scratches Textures

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