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True Halftone Collection | 1350+ Images + Paper Grunge Textures + Gradient Maps

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1350+ halftone images including electronic equipment, mechanical parts, statues, people, vintage and medieval illustrations, halftone gradients and backgrounds, paper backgrounds, torn paper, PNG textures, and 3 Alphabets with digits. All you need to do is to drop some PNGs you like, add your text and place some textures on top.


1350+ Halftone PNGs (white + black)

+32 Photoshop Gradients for Gradient Maps

+3 Photoshop Textures

We would write more about it but one of our customers have written already the best description for The True Halftone:

Jason H.
" The halftone collage set is a cool way to merge an obsession with collage to an obsession with halftone printing techniques. These elements are ready to go! The pack gives you your objects not just pre-cut, but pre-filtered and even pre-colored in specific shades that are very functional (and of course easy to change the color, if needed). I do my designing all on Affinity, and I love elements like this that I can just drop into a paper texture template, pick a couple of fonts that suit the subject, and I already have a classy design ahead of the curve! This is a unique collage set, but if you want to do all the cutting and halftoning and color selection yourself, then go right ahead. I would much rather skip those steps and still know it was not a case of cutting corners or doing anything that might look cheap or lazy. " See Full Review

"I’m really liking this collection: there’s so many ways to use it, and it’s all in a convenient little/big package.
The objects come in both black and white – time saver. They’re both ‘classic’ and ‘modern’ from the halftone effect. The backgrounds, papers, and textures are diverse and inspire creativity. And the patterns and halftone gradients make the package complete.

There’s a lot of ‘collage kits’ out there, but few offer this kind of all-around creative space that’s so quick and convenient to use. If you want to get to the point, and don’t have a lot of time to spend toying with various effects and actions, this is the kit to get. "

This is a product from the series: #60secondsdesigns. With it, you can create stunning designs in 60 seconds by mixing some objects, text, and bg. See our Instagram for daily 60 seconds designs.

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