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True CRT Effect Photoshop Template

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Introducing True CRT Effect, the unparalleled Photoshop template that offers a revolutionary approach to digital design. With a resolution of 4000x4000px and 300 ppi, this template is the ultimate tool for achieving unparalleled authenticity in your designs.

Our advanced algorithm meticulously decomposes your image into cells of the size of the fundamental RGB pixels, subsequently associating each pixel with the average color of the corresponding cell. This color is then meticulously recreated as separate parameters of Red, Green, and Blue, resulting in a truly authentic representation of the original CRT technology. This is not a mere filter effect, it's a precise simulacrum of cathode ray tube technology, achieved through the utilization of three distinct RGB pixels.

True CRT Effect comes in 4 pixel size variations with 4 different effects of various screens, providing you with the flexibility to customize the retro y2k look to your specific needs. This template is not just for nostalgia, it's for those who demand the highest level of precision and authenticity in their designs. Whether you're a professional designer or a hobbyist, True CRT Effect is the ultimate tool for achieving your desired aesthetic. Elevate your designs to new heights with True CRT Effect.

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