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The Constructivist Instagram Templates

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The Constructivist - expressing complexity in simple shapes. 40 + 40 Instagram Templates. 100% unique in the graphic templates market, you won't find anything like it.

Even if the name is The Constructivist, the products in this series contain Suprematism art as well. Those two art movements, both originated from Cubism and Futurism are considered to be opposed. But we see them as one. Constructivism with its very pragmatic and practical art, where the abstract shapes have a single direction which together with other elements compose a unitary meaning. In Suprematism, on the other hand, the shapes must not have a meaning, but rather be free to define their own emotions, moving towards complete abstraction, creating a "sense of sensation" (like The Black Square of Kazimir Malevich). We see both of those as a metaphor to the human inner world, where the need for meaning is in constant opposition to the need for feeling.

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