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Pixel Chroma .PSD Template

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Pixel Chroma - .PSD Template that helps you create an infinite variety of pixel art compositions. You can edit literally everything, size, contrast, colors, number of colors, layers of colors, complexity, texture, e.t.c. Use this to create posters designs, album covers or for social media marketing to engage your audience with stop scrolling and retro vibes.


Open PS
Add Gradients and Patterns by double-click or import
Double click on the Image Smart Object and change your image
Change the parameters you want (if you want)
Export your lovely design
↑ That should take like 60s.


  • 1 .PSD File, 3000x3000px
  • 1 .grd file with 20 Gradients
  • 1 .pat file with 3 Texture Patterns

!!! You can copy-paste the effect layers into any other workspace or artboard ;)

For any inquiries you might have feel free to reach out. We'll be back in no time with corresponding support.

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