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Heretic's Printer - Print Machine #1

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As you would expect from us, a schismatic Photoshop Template to create distressed print effects. Actually, "distressed" isn't the right word, as even the creators most adventured in the lands of the Great Grunge would call this "something else". One more Anti-Design product to tickle the demiurgic fibers of your audience.

  • x1 Landscape Template 2000x3000px 300ppi
  • x1 Portrait Template 3000x2000px 300ppi

Instructions are provided in the preview images. You can contact us anytime at if you have questions, suggestions or if you encounter issues with our products.

Neoplasticism Patterns

Broken Printer Overlays

Broken Printer .PSD Template

Bit Master - Bitmap PSD Template

Bitmapper 4 - PSD Template

Bitmapper 3 - PSD Template

Bitmapper 2 - PSD Template

Bitmapper - Photoshop Template

Pixel Chroma .PSD Template

99 AntiGradients