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Fluid Geometry 400+ | EPS SVG AI PNG

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Fluid Geometry is more than just a collection of irregular shapes for poster designs. It is a testament to the power of embracing the unexpected and the unconventional. The shapes may not conform to traditional design standards, but that is precisely what makes them beautiful. It is a celebration of the beauty of imperfection, the joy of breaking the rules, and the endless possibilities that come from daring to be different. With Fluid Geometry, you have the opportunity to unleash your creativity and explore the limitless potential of digital design.

Fluid Geometry is made of:

- 200+ Complex Shapes to be used as masks or as focal points in design compositions, providing endless possibilities for unique and striking designs.

- 200+ Simple shapes, which can be used to complement the complex shapes or to create intricate patterns that add depth and interest to your designs.

- 7 .PSD Poster templates, designed as examples to show how you can easily create stunning designs in seconds.

- All shapes are provided in EPS, SVG, AI, PNG formats, ensuring that you can use them in whichever design software you prefer. With Fluid Geometry, you'll have the tools you need to create eye-catching, bold designs that stand out from the crowd.

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