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Anti-Design #2 - Digital Maximalism

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Volume 2 of the Anti-Design collection. !Attention! This is not any usual collage maker, graphics bundle, or png pack. This is a tool for experimenting with visuals, this is gasoline for reinventing your design signature, and 4GB of 0s and 1s to surf in, to search for inspiration.

Digital Maximalism is about the demonstrative destruction of every single rule of good graphic design. Experiment with shapes, colors, typography, contrast, e.t.c. Let your design define its own rules and its own meaning, and place subjective sensation above rational interpretations. Don't spend too much time on thinking and rethinking details, it reaches perfection when it flows. There are 8 PSD templates included, all of them are created in 60 to 120 seconds.


Feel free to share with us your works, we'll be happy to post them on our Instagram.
We always appreciate your feedback and solve any issue as fast as possible. Also, we highly appreciate your ideas for updating the product or creating new products.

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