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Anti-Drawings Vol.1

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Anti Drawings Vol.1 

1000+ PNG, the embodiment of grunge and eccentric spirits. Inspired by the 1960-1990s street avant-garde. Everything is hand drawn and super easy to use. 

  • 80 Arrows, Shapes, Blocks. The arrows and shapes you can use in any type of design. Blocks are perfect as backgrounds for texts or objects.
  • 141 Declassified Scans. Official declassified papers to be used as backgrounds to better fill the composition.
  • 128 Faces and People. Kind of Emojis. Most are inspired by real artworks of street avant-garde artists.
  • 72 Graffiti. Not usual graffiti, you probably won't see this style in your city.
  • 196 Homework Scans. Handwritten, use as overlay or background.
  • 121 Random drawings. The weirdest drawings you can find.
  • 193 Redacted PNGs. Use together with text or objects.
  • 96 Scribbles. Crazy pencil and marker scribbles and doodles.

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