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An anti-font with its own identity, the Anti-Fonts buck the rules of conventional design in favor of challenging, experimental looks. When it's time to up your game in the world of type, get ready for a radical redesign. The Anti-Fonts are inspired by the anti-design movement, revamping established strategies and styles in favor of an experimental, almost cosmic style. Create your prints or designs with unique fonts and see them instantly come to life. Anti-fonts are created by breaking traditional design rules in a few deliberate ways: they're devoid of serifs, their baseline can be anything that you want, their shapes aren't constrained and every letter is different.

Inside: .OTF, .TTF, .WOFF & .WOFF2, .EOT, .SVG Files + .glyphs and .ufo Files
You will get a ZIP (1MB) file

Customer Reviews

Emily E.

1 year ago

*Review imported from Creative Market

UPDATE: Seller fixed the issue- all is well now! Very communicative & helpful.

ORIGINAL: My system warns me that if I install this font there may be system crashes. Says there is a serious error found with all versions of this font and warns me not to install.