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1500+ Anti Design #1 - The Chaos

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Anti-Design #1 - The Chaos
A huge collection of 1500+ PNG objects. No more boring designs. 

The Chaos is the first module of the "Anti-Design" Collection. It represents the rebellion against orthodoxal "good-looking" designs, which are so easy to make nowadays that they have lost their soul and are no longer sincere. Experimental, ugly, non-conventional graphic design is the new trend in the industry - eye-catching, super bold, and truly unique.


700+ Hand drawn letters, digits, and symbols
500+ Hand drawn objects, images, scribbles, etc.
150+ Paper Backgrounds, Torn Paper and Vintage Newspapers.
22 PNG Grungy Textures.

This is a product from the series: #60secondsdesigns. With it, you can create stunning designs in 60 seconds by mixing some objects, text, and bg. Go to our Instagram to see more.

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